Technical due diligence

Technical due diligence involves research, analysis and discovery of information about the physical characteristics of a property.

Similar in terms of process to a building survey, the term technical due diligence is increasingly common and represents a risk reduction measure. The guiding legal principle in property transactions is that the party acquiring the property is legally obliged to discover as much about it as possible.

A technical due diligence inspection would include a review of building fabric and building services systems to evaluate repair and maintenance that can materially affect the operation and value of a property.

The inspection of the property should be early in the acquisition process. This allows for time to obtain the information from the existing building owner and check the operation of the building. Inevitably the information will not be available and sometimes tests will need to be undertaken if there is concern about the building performance.

Asset management

Our people have the professional qualifications, technical knowledge and experience necessary to advise clients on their property condition to avoid unnecessary expenditure and fulfil statutory and contractual obligations.


Project management

Embarking on a project is an exciting moment, full of anticipation; it can also be an anxious time. Whatever scale projects need the right blend of skills and experience to manage so many aspects;


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