Project management

Embarking on a project is an exciting moment, full of anticipation; it can also be an anxious time.

Whatever scale projects need the right blend of skills and experience to manage so many aspects;

  • Choosing the right project team,
  • Setting the project plan
  • Selecting the contractor who will deliver the quality, on time and within budget
  • Dealing with all the statutory obligations
  • Managing the stakeholders' involvement

So it is important to choose a project lead with the appropriate skills and experience. We offer an independent service for the whole project or discrete interventions at each project stage.

Clients appoint us for...

Project Initiation

The most crucial phase in any project is its initiation as it creates the baseline and sets the strategy for the way ahead.


Project delivery

The success of many projects depends on co-ordinating the work of multiple parties to ensure quality in delivery, on time and to budget.


Interim management

Unexpected issues can arise in a project which often needs additional resources. At these times, having the experienced people facilitates the right solution to deliver the maximum benefit.


Development monitoring

Our project monitoring service is designed for investors or stakeholders who want to know their interest is protected.


Project audit

A project audit provides a health check and recommendations to ensure problems are avoided and the risks managed.


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