A survey will provide information that will influence the decisions on property acquisition.

Depending on the seriousness of any defects and the extent of remedial work any associated costs can be reflected in the price or influence the decision to acquire the property.

In most situations the Building Survey will be the most appropriate type of survey. A survey is not restricted to acquisition as understanding the issues before the sale of a property will put a vendor a position of strength with the vendee.

Condition survey
A concise, descriptive report suitable for smaller and newer properties. It reports on property defects which may need attention. We suggest this is used to obtain a valuation or identify further investigation of any defects.

Building survey
A comprehensive, tailored report, including a structural survey of visible and potential problems. This survey is intended for large, older or unique properties. We suggest a Building Survey is undertaken prior to purchasing a property or taking on the lease on commercial premises. For commercial leases, a Building Survey report can act as the schedule of condition for the property at the start of a lease.

Sellers survey
Many property owners are confident that their building is in good condition only to find out issues at the time the vendee undertakes their survey, which can often affect the sale process. If work is required to be done this can be put in hand before the vendees’ survey and where building records are required these can be presented to prospective vendee at the time of the survey and so helping the sale process.

Asset management

Our people have the professional qualifications, technical knowledge and experience necessary to advise clients on their property condition to avoid unnecessary expenditure and fulfil statutory and contractual obligations.


Project management

Embarking on a project is an exciting moment, full of anticipation; it can also be an anxious time. Whatever scale projects need the right blend of skills and experience to manage so many aspects;


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